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Columbia Journalism Review is published by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Steve Coll

Victor Navasky

Editor in Chief and Publisher
Kyle Pope

Managing Editor
Vanessa M. Gezari

Senior Editors
Christie Chisholm, Cory Schouten

Digital Media Editor
Justin Ray

Associate Editor
Brendan Fitzgerald

Senior Delacorte Fellow and Staff Writer
David Uberti

Delacorte Fellows
Shelley Hepworth, Carlett Spike, Pete Vernon

Tow Editor
Nausicaa Renner

Business Development
Christopher Wiss

Membership Consultant
Stuart R. Jordan

Partnership Consultant
Ava Seave

Website Design
García Media

Website Development
Michael Murphy, Dean Pajevic, Jen Braun

Print Design
Point Five, NY: Alissa Levin, Benjamin Levine, Nathan Eames

Board of Overseers
Stephen Adler (chairman), Franz Allina, Emily Bell, James Bennet, Rebecca Blumenstein, Nathan S. Collier, Sheila Coronel, Richard Elden, Howard W. French, Wade Greene, Mark Hoffman, Joan Konner, Isaac Lee, Steven Lipin, Catie Marron, Terry McDonell, Craig Newmark, Michael Oreskes, John Paton, Alice Rogoff, Randall Rothenberg, Michael Schudson, Dave Scially

Major Funders
Major funders for CJR and include non-faculty members of the Board of Overseers and the Maria Moors Cabot Fund, The Commonwealth Fund, Craigslist Charitable Fund, Democracy Fund, Inc., The Saul and Janice Poliak Center for the Study of First Amendment Issues, Rockefeller Family & Associates, M & T Weiner Foundation, The Robert R. McCormick Foundation, New York Community Trust, The Tow Foundation, James H. Ottaway Jr., Dave and Kathy Scially, and R. Ted Weschler

Columbia Journalism Review (ISSN 0010-194X) is published biannually.