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Weekly Podcast: The Kicker

Podcast: The media responds to Charlottesville

Aug 18, 2017

The Print Magazine

The Future of Local News: Lasting problems and new models

Spring 2017

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Local News

If there’s a future for The Village Voice, it’s digital

After more than 60 years, The Village Voice is stopping the presses. Peter Barbey, the Pennsylvania-based owner who purchased the paper in 2015, announced the decision at a brief staff meeting today. The Voice will end its weekly print edition,...

Aug 22, 2017

First Person

Behind the story: Alexis Okeowo on the creative force behind Beyoncé and Rihanna videos

At a glance, Alexis Okeowo’s March 2017 profile of Melina Matsoukas (“Image Consultant”), is a total departure. Okeowo, a New Yorker staff writer, tends to favor subjects with a decidedly non-celebrity bent. She’s cast a discerning eye on on a...

Jul 31, 2017

America’s growing news deserts

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